This site is provided as a public service to our international community. contains information about prescription medications that may possibly cause life threatening or fatal reactions when taken as prescribed.
We present these facts to the general public so people can make informed decisions on the safety of the medications they take.

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Deadly Pills?
Here are the facts.  You decide!

Annette Farrand of Omaha, Nebraska, died from sudden cardiac arrest less than two hours after taking only half of one of these pills!

Do you know someone who takes this migraine headache medication, called Imitrex, by Glaxo Wellcome?  If so, do they have all the information about it?

According to the FDA's Adverse Reaction Database, hundreds of life-threatening or fatal reactions to Imitrex have been reported!

This site is currently under construction.  More information is being added almost daily.  Please check out what is already posted, and feel free to come back periodically to learn more as it becomes available...

These are the actual pills that Annette took!!!

Read about these medicines and the adverse reactions people have reported after taking them!

Imitrex (Sumatriptan) by Glaxo Wellcome!
Also known as Imigran by Glaxo of England

Hundreds of life threatening and fatal reactions after taking Imitrex have been reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Adverse Reaction Database.  Imitrex was listed by the reporters as the primary suspected cause of these events!

Click here to read about reactions reported after taking Imitrex!
More medicines to come soon!
More Bad-Drugs medical news is on the way!

We expect to have more reactions reported after taking prescription medications posted soon.

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